Friday Devotional: Search my Heart

So here I am sitting on the porch having watched a video at least four times that is speaking to where I am this morning. 

The group is Hillsong United. The song is actually called "Search my Heart."

(Sidenote: Here is a little more info on them. Here is their website. I am hoping to see them live at the end of August in Grand Rapids.)

The first stanza of the song,

"Search my heart, search my soul, there's nothing else that I want more. Shine your light and show your face. In my Life, Lord have your way.

With all my heart, with all my soul, with all I am, Lord, I will follow you." 

This morning the bible app devotional mirrored this video:

Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. (‭Psalm‬ ‭139‬:‭23-24‬ NIV)


Earlier this week I was studying this passage:

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭4‬:‭23‬ NIV)"

My understanding of it went from "Don't let anyone in," to "Focus on your heart for true health in life." What I read wasn't about the physical, the mental or the emotional. It was about being strong for the journey, and where you get that strength.

Flash forward to this morning, after a night I struggled emotionally and need to apologize for my actions to those I love, all I could do was go to this song and then remember how cool it was that earlier this week He took me to "the Heart" of the Word and then today automatically took me, in my weak space to eh space only he can work.

Search my heart and search my soul. 






How Life Gets REAL in Loss and 8 Tips to Get Through the Grieving Process, HV For Real Post #6


The original title of this blog from the series, "HV for REAL" was "How This Child of Divorce is Thanking God for Every Healing Experience in Life Today." But by the end of this it's gonna change. So here goes...

Death. Grief. Loss. It's a process.

Mourning the loss of someone we love is an experience that every single one of us will encounter in life. It doesn't even have to be a someone. It can be an animal, a marriage, a relationship. It can be anything. It's all loss.

But, every single one of us will lose someone we love in our life. So I want you to know what I've learned so far through this process. Sometimes it's literally physical. I mean like, you can't move. Sometimes it's mental and emotional. We're sad and the sadness affects the way we think and feel about life without that person. That sadness can in-fact be downright crippling. Sometimes you just got to call it out for what it is and say, "Duh, it's grief!" cause it can feel like it's affecting everything in your life (which it does) and all you can do is go through whatever the grief brings, feel it, learn to accept that person is gone, and discover a new reality with that person not present physically.

But I'm here to tell you ONE HUGE THING. You can change the way you look at it. I'm not talking about a thinking shift. I'm talking about a heart shift. I'm talking about turning it over to God and asking him (even if it feels like he isn't there), "Hey God, what is it that you are teaching me with this? How is that YOU can use this tragic loss for good?" FYI - he won't give you a play by play right then and there. But he'll give you little revelations, if you just SEEK him in your grief.

I like to look to the light of heaven in my grief to remind me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a heaven. Tomorrow is a new day, and each day the light gets brighter for me.


I don't know if you've ever been through that kind of loss. But for me it was my Dad. Somehow in that moment of knowing he was gone I realized that we've only got one life and it's not up to us when we go. It was an immediate awareness of how it's time to make the most of this life.

Not only that, it was time to realize there is a God and if he's carrying me through this (even thought it sucks) then he's got my Dad, and He's got me. I just have to trust, and realize that this is an opportunity for me to see that God the Father has always been there. It's just that my Dad was the one who gave me a little inkling of how great His love really is for me.

FYI - that didn't mean, happy happy joy joy. That meant, I got nothing to be afraid of. All I have to do is trust God's plan and walk through this pain knowing he's got my back. Let me tell you, if I did not know that my God was a loving God, there is no way I would have gotten through it. I would have thought he was punishing me like I did when I was a kid. And if there is anything I wish for ANYONE who loses someone they love dearly, it's that they see the love of the father through the example of that person they loved on this earth. Because when we think of that person, God actually loves us a gazillion times more than even they did. We can't imagine it. We just have to believe it.

We have to LOOK for the signs that he wants the best for us. We have to look for the signs, if we believe in the soul and the spirit that that person we loved never left us. They just changed their form in relationship to us.

When Dad died, I think my biggest surprise was simply that I was more surrendered to God than EVER, because I knew i could NOT get through this alone. No way, NO how. And that was ONLY because I took him out of a text book before Dad died, and invited him into my heart through a slow process of surrender. That process prepared me for that call on that day and every day going forward without my Dad on this earth but in a deeper relationship with the Lord.

You feel like he's not there? Repeat this to yourself a few times and let it soak in:

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
— Psalm 34:18 NIV

Your heart is BROKEN. Your spirit is absolutely crushed. But he is close to YOU. Yes, you.

Let me explain it to you through the simple lyrics of a few song lyrics and video.


That means, he's not in a textbook or a fluffy cloud saying, "You'll be okay sweetie." No, he's right there with you. I mean, RIGHT THERE. He is showering you with love and hugging you so tight that you can't help but be overwhelmed with that love. If you loved that person you lost, imagine it's them hugging you or sitting with you when you are hurting the most. Then imagine that this love he feels for you is even greater than that. Hard to believe, huh? Well - it's true. If you believe it? It's true. Because I can tell you there is NO person on this earth, not even your spouse or a surviving parent that could EVER heal your hurt heart from this loss. That pain is reserved for HIM. When you are in your deepest pain, you go to Him and he will heal your heart. If you don't believe it, you've got to drop the old image of you have that he doesn't have time for you and realize He wants something more for you.

He wants you to know this: If you let Him into that pain, he will show you in this deepest, darkest moment that he wants a relationship with you. He wants you to know that you are HIS and HE is the one that can fill that deepest hole within you.

So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith,
— Galatians 3:26, NIV

#1. The Word

I didn't grow up in the Bible except to listen to it on Sundays at church in sermons and I can't tell you how powerful it has become in my life. It is THE source of strength for me in trouble and I learn something from it every single day. Pick it up without judgement of what you might think it says, and think about what HE might be saying TO you through the Word for your journey of grief. If you have to, download the Bible app and just type in their search bar, "Grief." Read the passages. Not only that, read the chapters around the passages. It's amazing what you can learn from the Word.

For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.
— Hebrews 4:12 ESV

#2. Listen to the Sound

He will use music to minister to you in your pain. Yes, more music. If you choose to open your heart, you will hear lyrics that speak right to you and the pain in the very place and moment you need it. Music is a gift for us to express our feelings and hear the voice of God. Take advantage of it.

Listen to the Sound isn't just the title for this section but it's the name of a band I was blessed to see live this weekend at World Pulse Festival in South Bend, IN. It is the song that came right to my mind and the lyrics are appropriate with each one of these songs I've chosen to share with you. They are close to my heart and my own grief journey, even though they don't know it!!! I'm going to share a few songs with you from them that I hope one or ALL of them will speak to you like the speak to me....

That sound? Is him...

This last song of theirs is actually at the end of my book, when I talk about losing Dad and feeling connected to heaven when I hear this song. You might wonder why...if you are a believer, you probably don't. But if you aren't quite there, let it soak in a few times. Get to know the lyrics. Let it remind you that this pain we feel, this loss is a temporary thing. Let it give you an idea of what heaven might just be like for those we've lost and how we will get to be there someday. It will help you I hope, like it helped me realize, this pain I feel is temporary and I will get to see my Dad again someday.

#3. Look Around You

When my Dad died, I literally felt like life was in slow motion. I noticed everything about everything. That 'noticing' is something I took as an opportunity - not to focus on what I was lacking without him to call, but how lucky I was to be able to feel connected to him spiritually by noticing that God was literally all around me. Every bird. Every sunset. Every sunrise. Every intimate conversation with someone who'd also been through what I'd gone through were all little winks and moments from God showing me not only that he's RIGHT there if I just look for him. But also, that if I look for him, Dad's always right here in my heart. And that's why I feel closest to my Dad in nature, because I know God is there. Don't hesitate to take in all those little signs because that's God taking care of you through the pain and giving you a little window into heaven.

#4. Look Within You

I know, it's hell what you are going through, whatever your loss may be, death or not. Process the feelings in any way you can. Best way for me was to write them out. So do what you can and need to do to process the pain so it doesn't get stuck in your heart. It's going to feel physically exhausting, mentally and emotionally tough. Let yourself experience this pain so that you can allow it to bring you more present to this life. It's okay, God's got you. All you've got to do is show up. Talk to him, pray, listen to him - he's within you, and certainly not in a drug or temporary fix for your feelings. Move THROUGH the pain, not against it.

#5. Look Beside You

He didn't put you here to walk alone. He put people beside you who are going through it too.  When those people show up, be open to it. Get some coffee, share your walk. You will be amazed at what God does with people who are just walking with us.

#6. Look Ahead of You

He will put people in your life who've been there, done that which is half the time - all we need. The people who got me through this were not the ones who were "supposed" to be there, but the ones who'd been there. Each person I'd known who'd been there was at the top of my call list in the early days of grief, because they were the ones who could be with me in my pain because they'd felt it themselves. They were the ones who could help me realize when I felt a little crazy that thing we often say, "Oh, Duh. It's grief."

#7. Look Outside of You

Once you go through this, there will be people who need to hear YOUR story of how you got through it. These are the opportunities in life God gives us to get outside of ourselves. By sharing our story, we give someone else some hope. No need to force it, you'll know it when he brings these people into your life. But take each opportunity as a chance to share your story because there is nothing better in grief then knowing you aren't alone. Don't keep it inside you. Get outside of you.

#8. Look Beneath You

Right now you are standing on this earth. You are breathing in the air. You are living your life. You are running to your next meeting or picking up your kid at camp. You are living. Take THIS opportunity as a chance to REALLY live your life. I mean, REALLY live it. Let their passing teach you all the reasons you've got a lot of life left in you - simply because you are still here

And these, my Healthy Voice partners on the journey are just a few things that can help you get through ANY process of grief. We all go through it. Sometimes we just need a reminder or a good kick to realize it's not about us and not something we can control.

So - mourn the ones you love and ENJOY the life you've got.



Mere, Your Healthy Voice Guide

Here's the Playlist on You Tube. I'll add more as they come to me.... The One on Spotify is called, "When Grieving," but I'm a computer gimp sometimes and can't get it on this post! So, go check it out! It's got a couple different songs on it.




Why I Thank God I Know my Mental and Emotional Health is Not Something to Be Ignored, Healthy Voice for Real #5


I don't know about you, but there is something about this little girl that reminds me of myself when I was little, what I may have looked like when I was sad and felt alone. I wanted to use this image because I thought it spoke to that little girl in you and me who may want relief from what she's thinking or feeling....who probably would have loved relief from it then if she knew...

Jump forward in time to who you are today, the things you've been through and more...listen to this song. I heard it the other day on the radio and was moved. Remove the premise of the song and listen to the lyrics. It may take you a couple times, but it's all about being the person you are underneath, not the one everyone else sees. Listen all the way to the end. It's powerful.

"It's hard enough to be myself, let alone to try to be someone else trying to play the role, trying to look the part, never saying anything from my heart..."

Here's the deal...

If we don't pay attention to our minds, we end up stuck in them trying to control everything in our lives, when it's our minds that are actually controlling us. Although the world judges those who face their mental health issues, many of us have no choice. It doesn't matter about a scarlet letter, what matters is that we live life. Because I know that my mental and emotional health play a major factor in my physical health, I always have to pay attention to them and what might be influencing them. Not only that - I have to proactively treat them in many ways because one never knows how they are are going to hit us. Do we all have such mental and emotional struggles? Yes. We all have both. Some of us have them more that others. Some of us have a lot more work to do on them to get healthy. The important fact is that we DO something. So, let's talk about meltdowns.

Have you ever had a meltdown moment?

You know, when everything seems to not go your way, and then you just feel like you are going to fall apart and sometimes you do?  It's like a domino effect. All the pieces fall into place just wrong enough that you think you aren't going to make it.

You know how it's all about how to react to it, right? Well, it's a lot easier to handle them when you are present to the fact that your mind can be a battlefield and your emotions can think they run your life. If you try to "control" your thoughts and feelings yourself, you'll end up at a dead end. Sometimes that dead end can be the biggest gift of your life. It can be such a meltdown that you finally realize you need help. You finally realize, okay, may way isn't working anymore. I need help. Those in recovery or on a path of renewed faith get it. Surrender is a GOOD thing. Weakness brings power, and sometimes? 

We've got to break down to breakthrough.

And that is why we have to face the fact that our mental and emotional health is a huge factor in our overall health. There are factors with the makeup of our brain chemistry, our thoughts based on what's happened to us in life and our feelings based on how we've reacted to those events that have happened. These factors are not something we can just "fix" with 3 hours at the gym, or the next best diet fix. They are also not ones we can fix by going to one therapy sessions. What we have to learn to do is process THROUGH them, and sometimes, it takes every single tool we've got. When we've got tools, we know exactly what to do to get through them. We know like we know our names that "This tool shall pass," but only if we are willing to face the facts!

Let me tell you a quick story that might make sense of this:

The other night I had one of those nice little meltdowns. 6 years ago I would have binged on something or found a place to get a "fix" to my feeling. That night, I did what was right in front of me to do. I went to the place that I go to talk to my Dad and I just sat. I cried it out, hard at some moments. I talked out loud to God, to Dad (it's a quiet place in nature). I took notes on my thoughts into my phone notebook so I could get them out of my head. I called a friend who I knew would "get it." I cried more. I let myself feel the feelings. I realized instead of this moment breaking me, it was breaking me through to something better. I looked up scripture on my Bible app regarding the situation to see what God might say about it in his word. I got on my Spotify and found a positive, encouraging song to listen to that reminded my God was right there with me carrying me through the moment. I got home with my puffy face, which was the last thing I cared about after knowing what God just brought me through 5 minutes before. I could not have done any of that without all the tools I've been given in my program of recovery or my relationship with God and trust in him. 

.Why do I tell you all this?

Because the "world" will tell you that you can get your thoughts right, you know with a little of that willpower you use with your weight?... and your life will be grande. In some respects, that is right. But if you think you will be the one to "fix" them from a place of willpower all by yourself, you could be setting yourself up for failure and I wouldn't want you to do that. If we access it, we've got a power that can help us renew our minds and it's not us!!!

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.
— Romans 12:2 NIV

The same thing goes for your emotional state. Some people may say to you, "Aren't you over that yet?" or you may think you are the only one in the world with your problem. I can tell you that you are not alone and I get that voice that says, "Get over it." There is a big difference between getting over it by walking through it and getting over it by pretending "you got this." HE'S got this! 

Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.
— Philippians 4:6-7, The Message

Our mental and emotional health are very serious matters not to be taken lightly. The best thing we can do is address them, acknowledge them, learn about them, navigate through them. Even better, we can turn our fears over to God who I promise you helps you walk through them. I know I didn't grow up in the Word, but the more I study it, the more I realize He IS the one who can help me through this, because of his love.

So, if you struggle mentally or emotionally? Don't keep it inside. Talk to someone you trust. Talk to someone who knows better than you what you can do. Talk to someone who can remind you that no matter what your thoughts or feelings try to tell you - you are good enough and capable having a joyful life not run by your thoughts or feelings.

Here are a few parting messages to take with you....

“Don’t allow your mind to tell your heart what to do. The mind gives up easily.
— Paul Coelho
“When a person is going through a hard time, his mind wants to give up. Satan knows that if he can defeat us in our mind, he can defeat us in our experience. That’s why it is so important that we not lose heart, grow weary and faint.”
— Joyce Meyer, Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind

A Reflection from "Jesus Calling" earlier this week...


Financial Peace During Broke-ness? HV For Real: #4

I've been procrastinating on this post. In real life, I just got back from a  week vacation and I have to go through a lot of mail and bills to figure out what we owe and where. I don't want to do it (shocker.)  I will, but I'd so much rather be doing something else. Just like I'd so much rather pretend that I don't have money struggles so I can fit in with the rest of the world that makes me think I'm the only one who does! And that is a lie, so that's why I'm writing this - to show you how even when I'm broke I somehow, well I know why - have financial peace.

Speaking of Financial Peace, I have taken the Dave Ramsey course - twice. I love how practical he is about how to handle your money. But I realized this year something that's missing in his program - the emotional aspect. See, I don't know about you - but if you are anything like me when it comes to money, like you are with food? You might have a little more struggle than just "Ok, I can do this." You might have a little baggage tied up around it, you get what I'm saying?

Well, if you do then you'll understand what I mean when I tell you about the voice I've had for so long (an Unhealthy One). It likes to beat me up mentally and emotionally for not being "good enough" with money. It used to be about making as much money as my parents so I could be happy (thankfully that's not the case anymore). Then it was about learning how money was a way that I measured my worth (another one that is long gone.) Now it's about learning that I'm not a failure because I didn't get this "money" thing all figured out. It's just that I'm human and this is one of those areas that I have a little more to learn in learning how to make it WORK. (See how I don't say get rich). Money is something (like food) that we all use every day of our life. We can't get away from it (like food) so we've got to learn how to make it, use it, and manage it. But for some of us? It doesn't jump of a textbook page. It takes hard work. And sometimes we feel stupid (like me - the child of a major political fundraiser and corporate finance accountant). But we've got to just push through our feelings and make it work.

I already know that my goal in life isn't to be rich. If that's what God grants me someday, then I will use it for HIS good. But it's not my goal. It's not the place I'm seeking happiness. It's a way that I can participate in this world.


In case you are wondering, I won't give you all the boring details but I am one of those kids who never wanted for nothing and I still struggle with it. I haven't been taking advantage of someone else's wealth for a while now and let me tell you, it's been an emotionally grieving process. Why? Well..

I used to have people tell me that I'd never survive without my Dad because he always took care of me. And he did. I'm immensely grateful for that. But I'm also grateful for what I'm learning about how I handle money BECAUSE of that. I know I'm not the only one, a child of divorce, who had at least one parent that tried to buy them everything to make up for not being there. Yes, that's right. I can tell you, if you are in the middle of it, buying your kid everything they want (divorced or not) won't help you in the end, because they'll just come to expect it.

Before my Dad died I was making good money (relatively). At that point it wasn't about how much but that I was finally making it on my own. Yes, mid thirties and making it on my own. THAT to me was success. At that point I had a promising project with a national company that gave me hopes for even greater comforts for both my consulting and coaching business. They asked me to write a book for their audience (which I'd already been planning) and so I did.

Two weeks later my father died.

I found out about a life insurance policy my Dad had left me years ago. I was terrified  because of how I knew I'd spent in the past, even thought I was in recovery. I also knew I had to take the time (1 year) to write this book so I prayed and I was given direction.

I spent that year and that money living, editing the book and self-publishing it, printing 3000 copies (not a cheap process). I spent the next year taking the time and money to build my business from the ground up with hopes that it would have this pie in the sky success (by now). I invested in my wedding day and my honeymoon. I invested in myself that first few years after Dad passed. In the eyes of many what would be trust fund babies, it would probably be chump change. In my eyes, it was a lot. In my world, with my insecurities around money, I beat myself up for quite a while and questioned myself about whether or not all the things I'd invested in were really "worth it". Yet, every single decision I made about it was done with prayer, listening and trusting God would take care of me in the end.

All of that being said, when the money was gone - it was hard for me to cherish everything I'd put into my new life and not look at how much of a failure I was. It's true that the devil used money as an attack dog for my spirit like nothing else. Not only that, emotionally it was like  reliving my Dad's passing.  Even more troubling, was that I was struggling with equating my self worth and my lack of ability to create financial abundance. It felt like I was back at square one thinking my worth was based on whether or not I could MAKE the money. For a while I wanted to blame others. But then I realized, just recently - that being the victim of these circumstances wasn't going to get me anywhere.


If I wasn't this soaring success based on my "own" will in trying to reach success, then I know because I know God - that this success is for HIS kingdom and not MY own glory. I also know that HE will do what HE can do WAY MORE than I could ever do with something I've got. Today, I am still standing behind the work of Healthy Voice. I know that God will show me the way to fund this cause because it's for HIM. 

My husband and I are living in a one income household that is modest. He has to work Saturdays much of the time, which is nothing to complain about, but it's something as a privileged kid I never understood before. But today, I know that it IS what IT IS. In fact, it helps me value my husband, his work ethic, our time together, and the dollar much more than I did before.  I know I DID choose this life. I also know I chose to follow Christ and in HIS world, it's just not about me, or the almighty dollar.

Do I need to make money? Yes. But I know today I've got to give Him what I've got and let him take care of the rest, which in this world isn't quite the norm. I know that my work is ministry. I don't know HOW to start, but I know if it's got something to do with HIM, then he's already got me started and will show me the rest of the way. He will give me everything I need as he's done THUS far so I can give the most of what I've got for HIS purpose.

Did I spent a WHOLE lot of years dependent on my parents financially? Yes. I have worked through A LOT of it. Do I still have work to do? Yes. But I just keep walking. I know I don't have to be the victim. I don't have to blame the situation of being a child of divorce who was given everything I wanted. I don't have to blame the situation that we aren't rolling in dough.

I can be IMMENSELY grateful for every single thing they gave me to contribute to who I am today. I can also be grateful to know that even though my mind or my eyes, might want me to keep up with the Joneses, it's my heart and spirit that remind me how lucky I am to have the greatest riches in life through my relationship with Jesus Christ.

There is not one material thing that could replace that, or fill that in the way HE can. I feel so lucky to know that. I feel lucky to know I can step away from that kind of life or conversation and just be okay with who I am, with what I've got and who God's got me becoming.

For when it comes to the day I go to heaven, I know it's going to be about the relationships and the lives God's touched through me - not the material things I'll bring with me. And my Dad in his life may have had some nice "things", but in the end it truly was those who loved him and showed up to say goodbye.

A Little Wisdom

Even though Dad and I struggled with financial codependence, I'm grateful today we had the experience. Why? Because now I can carry the message and let God make my mess HIS message. So,

If you are a parent, know that buying your kids everything won't fill any holes in their hearts (or yours). But a loving relationship with God will replace any want or need you may think can be fixed with a purchase. The best thing you can do is find a deeper relationship with Him to show them by example your hope rests in Him.

If you are a child growing up with wealth or without it  - I hope you know that your worth does not lie in what you are lacking financially or the abundance you have financially.

Your worth rests with your Creator who bought you at a price. If you ARE a wealthy kid, who struggles with low self-esteem or addictions that go along with having a lot of money and you are struggling - know that you are not alone. Know that you don't have to hide behind the money or the idea that, "Everything's fine because we look fine!" There are kids who've gone through it too and found themselves on the other side much happier than they did when they were using the money for self-destructive ways. More than anything, I want you to know that whatever your net worth - I don't care how many millions or billions you stand to inherit - your self-worth rests in the Lord. There isn't anything that money can buy that can give you that.

And if you wish and wish you HAD that kind of money because there is just so much you can do with it, think of those kids who DO have it and are STILL struggling. Get out of your own way in thinking that IS where hope and happiness lies.

My own Reflection

Today, I'm growing in my journey and recognizing how much God loves me and wants me to share the gifts he's given me (not financial) that he wants me to share with the world. I am learning to trust (this has been the hardest one) that if I just give him EVERYTHING I'VE GOT, he'll do EVERYTHING HE'S got. I don't have to wonder if he's really got me covered. I just have to TRUST that he truly DOES! And that in itself is a process.

So all this being said - I can tell you that I DO have financial peace today, even with not much in my bank account and a feeling that sometimes I can't just get the finances all "right." You know, that little blue box? I DO have financial brokenness and I'm okay with that. Why? Because if I didn't, I wouldn't be trusting God to do what He can with what HE'S got planned for me that had got NOTHING to do with my plan.

Parting Thought

Do the most you can with what you've got. If you've got money, put it where your heart is, towards the people and the causes that mean the most to you. If you don't, know that having it doesn't determine your worth and not having it doesn't mean you have no worth. Your worth lies in something so much greater and I hope this blog has given you an idea of what that might mean for you in this life.

Parting passages

I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hears through faith.
— Ephesians 3:16 - 17
And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Jesus Christ.
— Phillipians 4:19 AMP
I have strength for all things in Christ who empowers me {I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me; I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency}.
— Phillipians 4:13 AMP

From Entrepreneurial Failure to Victory in Surrender: HV for Real Post #3

Being an entrepreneur is often something that sounds glamorous especially when you've been inspired by successful ones in your life. I certainly have! Sometimes I find myself putting them  on a pedestal. You know that old comparing my insides to their outsides game?  Yeah, you know the one. Even though our gifts, talents, resources and experiences are completely different - somehow we can compare our own work as an entrepreneur to the success of another who looks like they've got it together. We literally take each step of our work, even though it may not seem majorly profitable like the outside world like to see it, and make it into a pea. Somehow I don't think God loves it when we do that, cause he loves us.

Let me tell you a little more. The first year after my Dad passed, I wrote a book.

The year before my Dad died I developed a program where I got to use my faith to lead an international franchise in health and fitness to their Healthy Voice (cool stuff - not perfect though.)

The year after he died, I wrote a book for that audience and others who wanted to hear my testimony.

The second year after he died, I spent my time (in real life) planning a wedding, and (in my work life) planning where this business is going to go.

Here's the shocker - it didn't all go into a pretty little blue box and get DONE so the rest of the world could see how perfect and pretty my business is.

In fact, ask me straight up and I'll tell you straight up - it has BEEN a journey. It's been a journey of discovering where this will go and ultimately, step by step, day by day where GOD wants it to go - not ME. That discovery journey has had a loud, "I'm not doing enough. Healthy Voice should be further," voice. I know you get it. It doesn't matter what you are dealing with. It's not a nice voice, because it wants to take your feeling of "not good enough" and beat you over the head with it. I've had to harness that voice of God that says this:


That sure shuts that other voice up, doesn't it?___

See, although Healthy Voice may seem like some business that's got it all together, that's NOT what's going on behind the scenes. Are there a ton of messages to share? Yes, and as you can see, I'm sharing them. But I'm one person with a pretty full life. I take it a day at a time.

Now I'm realizing how simple it is - just sharing the REAL message of the Healthy Voice, not how I want it to look.  In the process,  I'm doing everything I can to focus on God and shut out that voice that says, "Not Good enough,"

I'm believing in the one that says, "You got this. I got this. Just keep going. Love, God."

Think about it with your weight. Does it feel better to try and lose every pound you can before you really live? Or does it feel better just to live now and get healthy as you walk? 


Here's the bottom line.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith - and that is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.
— Ephesians 2:8 NIV
And if by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace.
— Romans 11:6, NIV

How are these passages relevant to failed entrepreneurship?

Because for a long time, my religious upbringing made me believe I had to WORK for it. I had to EARN my way into heaven, or to be loved by God. I thought along the lines of, "If I just got something right by my own works, or willpower or whatever - then I could get it right."

But these two passages have been life changers for me, because they remind me that I didn't get saved by works. I didn't earn my ticket to a relationship with Christ. He died on a cross so that I could be saved by HIS grace. He gave me my sins and struggles so that I could give them to HIM. Yes, that means if I fail at something on my OWN doing? God can take my fails and make them epic victories. How cool is that? 

But that passage also means he doesn't want me to sit around and do nothing. He wants me to take his message through my work and share it with the world. That means there is a balance between faith and works. But now I know that works doesn't GET me "better" faith. By faith, I'm given the spiritual power and strength to do his WORKS in the world. Again, that doesn't mean, "Oh okay God, then I'll just wait till you tell me what to do (and do whatever I want while I do it."

No that means LISTEN for his direction. Pray for his will and guidance in your life. Then he will show you his most pleasing and perfect will. Grace may not make sense if you haven't surrendered. But let me tell you, when you do, you realize how much of a gift grace really is, I mean, can't even put it into words. But you've got to GIVE it to him first, then seek his guidance in taking care of the rest . But a little tidbit? It's not gonna come in some big master plan of, "Hey, here's how I want you to live your life. I got it written out in a blueprint." NO!

In the book of James, it talks about how faith without works is dead. I used to think that validated that the truth that it's all about works. But now I know that I can't rest on my faith, I've got to ACT on it and God will show up as I continue to do that.

Read the passage:

Dear friends, do you think you’ll get anywhere in this if you learn all the right words but never do anything? Does merely talking about faith indicate that a person really has it? For instance, you come upon an old friend dressed in rags and half-starved and say, “Good morning, friend! Be clothed in Christ! Be filled with the Holy Spirit!” and walk off without providing so much as a coat or a cup of soup—where does that get you? Isn’t it obvious that God-talk without God-acts is outrageous nonsense?

I can already hear one of you agreeing by saying, “Sounds good. You take care of the faith department, I’ll handle the works department.”

Not so fast. You can no more show me your works apart from your faith than I can show you my faith apart from my works. Faith and works, works and faith, fit together hand in glove.
— James 2: 14-18, The Message


I don't know how this blog spoke to you, but I do know that if you receive God's grace you CAN find peace through every storm of life, even the ones the world might think are "supposed to" be glamorous.


This entire post, I've thought of the song, "Healing Begins" by Tenth Avenue North. I'm going to share with you three video versions of the song. One is the original with the band, another is an unofficial one that I wanted to post because I think it is a powerful demonstration of personal struggle, and the last one is one of victory.

It's got nothing to do really with Entrepreneurship, but it's a moment that I surrendered and made my faith public.  This video shows me that it's ALWAYS him and that it IS by grace I have been saved so no matter what goes on in my REAL life, HE'S in charge because I gave him my life.

For those who might not understand it because you were baptized as a kid and wonder why you would do it again - I can tell you THIS is where I made it my choice to put my life in his hands. This is a literal example of putting my faith into action and I cherish the moment.  If you want to see the exact moment, go to the 1:00 mark. But the whole video is a grand testimony of God's love. 

Weight Gain and the First Year of Marriage: HV For Real Post #2

Here's what I knew about weight growing up. I knew I had it and I felt very different because I had it. I felt like everyone would stare at me because I was wearing the pain of dealing with life's struggles all over my body. I truly though that I wasn't "good enough" in the eyes of God as I knew him because I couldn't just get the weight off my body. I thought it was something I had to do myself. I thought he wouldn't love me until I got that weight off, and I couldn't figure out why he didn't love me enough to just take my weight off so I wouldn't feel so bad about myself.

I don't care who you are or what your journey has been with your weight loss, gain or maintenance in your life. I'm a believer that it's got absolutely nothing to do with what someone else sees on the outside or even what we see. Weight - although it may be an outward sign of inner struggles - it is more thank likely in many cases, NOT something you can figure out just by looking at someone. 

So, I'm a big fan of people NOT judging those by how much weight they carry or how little. I can tell you right now - it is NOT an outer thing. It's an inner thing. It's a mind thing. It's a heart thing. It's a spiritual thing. It's about what we're telling ourselves or what we think about our weight, what we feel about our weight, the mental and emotional baggage we carry with our weight, and the spiritual disconnection.

The guy who ran my treatment center used to say, "If you are just doing the food thing, it's a diet. You've got to add in the spiritual aspect. It has to be a spiritual program." I couldn't agree more. Why? Because when my weight or my thoughts about my weight are at the front of my mind? It's because I'm not trusting God for something, and it often shows up in what I'm eating...or my weight as you might see it.


Flash forward to a few days ago. We're walking around Traverse City. Since I got married I have gained a little over 30 pounds. Can you say? That sucks. Yes, cause it does. I don't feel great in my body and the other day, I felt like others were judging me for my weight. For the first time in a really long time, I didn't want to be out in public. That is NOT a fun feeling. The gift is that I didn't have to RUN from that feeling. I faced it, dealt with it, and in little ways I'm doing something about it.


But here's the deal - I may need to lose weight but it is STILL not strictly about the weight. I cannot just go jump on some diet. I HAVE to look at the inner stuff while doing something to change the outer stuff.


In the process of looking at the inner stuff, I've found that I don't completely trust God for the "little things." I try a taste of something here and there. I can find myself mindlessly eating. Throw on top of that it's been 6 months since I've had a normal workout (i.e. a jog, a bike ride, a  spin class, or a yoga class), and you've got a pretty slow metabolism. Not only that, my doc told me I've got till about Christmas to feel completely better. The next 6 weeks? It's when I will just start weight training. I've already been in 12 weeks of physical therapy. This is a process.

Given this is a process, I woke up the other day with this first thought. I like to call these things "God Nudges". It's like he takes that quiet time when I'm just rising in the morning to tell me something. That morning I heard Him send me to a passage that is more about being financially sound in the little things, yet I heard it in reference to my food choices.

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with very much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.
— Luke 16:10 NIV

I see why he took me to this verse - not to beat me up and tell me, "You are being bad," but to be reminded that those "little things" are the things where I can lose track. Those are the places I can find myself not paying attention and those are the places he just pointed me to to pay attention.

See, he showed me - what is going on beneath the surface. That stuff that's going on beneath the surface and the circumstances of my surgery recovery - that's all showing up in my weight. But it's up to me to be devoted in the little things, cause that's where I can get stuck. Since I wrote this, I'm not keeping a food journal, but making a note or catching myself I get off track with those little things so each time I can be reminded me that HE is helping me through those little things. Through my attention TO those little things - that weight on the outside changes, and my trust in HIM changes because it's more focused on Him.


Look, I don't know what you struggle with around your weight, whether it's food or just habit, or some list of excuses, but you need to know, just like I need to be reminded in this Word, that we are loved no matter what we're struggling with. All He wants for us is to recognize our struggle, work through it and rely on Him to help us change. I hope this blog helped you see a little bit of what's going on behind the scenes with my weight struggle.

More importantly, I hope it shows you that yes - I may have gone through treatment, run lots of marathons and more - but I am on a JOURNEY. The weight I lost from treatment was because of the inner work that I did. I am thankful today to know, my worth does NOT rest in my outer appearance with my weight. Although I may struggle with insecurity around it right now, I trust that God's doing whatever He needs to do to show me through this how I can change. Just like yesterday's post, this is for HIM, not for me or my vanity.


Love and Marriage from the Child of Divorce Perspective

My husband and I last weekend celebrated our one year anniversary. For this child of divorce it was a momentous occasion because it's a place I never thought I'd make it to. In fact, in a way it almost feels like my first year of recovery! Why? Because we kids of divorce believe a few lies at some point in our lives, "I'm never getting married.", "I don't deserve to be married because I don't have an example.", "I never want to be married because of my example.", "I won't be married because I'm broken and don't know how to do it so no one will want to marry me."

Lies. Lies. Lies. We all have to go through them. But we don't have to let them ring true for our lives.

I say that because of how HUGE it really is finally be present to what this whole love and marriage thing is all about.

I used to be mad at my Dad for getting remarried. Now I thank him and my stepmom for being the example of what marriage can be for me. I used to not believe it cause I didn't see my Mom remarry and somehow thought it could never be something for me.

Yet through this entire process of getting engaged, planning a wedding, getting married, being married - I will say that I have found every step of the way an absolute GIFT in the process of my healing process from my parents divorce. Only those who get it, get it. Many people would ask me in some sort of "Why are you punishing yourself?" kind of way when I'd tell them I'm marrying a guy who's single with three kids? They would say, "Why do you want to do that to yourself?"

Well, let me tell you again. IT HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST GIFT OF MY LIFE. Why? Because every single day I learn something. Every single day I'm given a gift of healing, even when it comes after pain, ESPECIALLY when it comes after pain. See, I could have spent my whole life as the victim of my parents' divorce. Instead, I walked through it. I truly do believe because I walked through it, I CAN be present to whatever healing and/or pain it brings me today. "Why?" again you say?

BECAUSE THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME. This is about what God is doing in my life FOR others. IT's about HIM taking my mess and making it HIS message. It's about seeing that my greatest struggle is my greatest strength, because of what HE does with it. 

I never understood as I started to heal why we don't do more for children of divorce to show them that no matter what their circumstances growing up, however out of control - that they DO have hope for a good marriage, a happy marriage, even if it gets rough. 

And let me tell you, like ANY marriage, mine has already been rough.

The day I got married was the greatest day of my life. Yes. I got to do it how I actually never dreamed I'd do it. I did it at a Lighthouse, with a cross in front of us demonstrating our life together in Christ, in the setting of Northern Michigan where I feel the most connected to heaven, with the people and the music that I love. I walked down that aisle with my Dad absent physically but present spiritually. I walked with an inner peace in my heart about my Mom not being there, and a gratitude for my stepmom and brother FOR being there. I trusted that God had a plan and that plan WAS good. I can say I was FULLY present and NOT focused on what I didn't have. Thank GOD!

One month after we got married? My three step kids who were with us 50% of the time, now were with us 100% of the time. Their Mom moved away to New Jersey for reasons I don't need to explain here. But for the reasons of this child of divorce it was like, "Wait God. Wow, What are you doing?" 

Our first year of marriage was absolutely chaotic, but it was also a beautiful mess. I loved having all three of those kids in the house because I just trusted what God was doing. If I tried to figure out what or why it wouldn't have helped me in the least. I just trusted God and kept saying, "Okay God, whatever you are doing, that's cool, I'll just keep walking!" In this same first year of marriage? My husband's father got diagnosed with ALS and my shoulder dislocated for the third time after the first of the year causing the need for surgery and now going on 6 months of a MUCH more sedentary life.

Needless to say, our one year anniversary WAS really, really special on so many levels. We weren't grateful because it was this  "honeymoon" period of a first year. We ARE grateful because even though our first year felt like a 10th year, we are TRUSTING TRUSTING TRUSTING God for whatever good he's working in our life. 


THIS is the victory I've experienced in my life as a married woman and stepmom. THIS is God working in my life, showing me more than ever that it doesn't MATTER what my circumstance growing up, or how it made me think, feel and see the world in a different way. What is REAL is the fact that God BROUGHT me through it. He BROUGHT me through to victory where everything isn't all "perfect", it's rough and it's real and I am GRATEFUL because it's what HE'S doing for HIS good in THIS kingdom. Oh, and he will KEEP bringing me THROUGH it. I'm not all perfect inside. But I'm healing through my broken places and that's a good thing.


So, for you - if you ARE a child of divorce, you NEED to know that he can do INCREDIBLE things in your life, in ways you never could imagine. Just trust that whatever he is doing inside of you, is for GOOD. Walk through it. Believe me, even though we didn't have the best examples - we deserve to be in a relationship, to be married to someone we love. We ARE broken, yes. Our parent's divorce is one very, real part of our story. But it does NOT have to be the end of our story. It can be just a beginning that makes the REAL story even more beautiful than you could ever imagine - because it's born our of brokenness. Here's a little song that makes me thing of this message I'm sending to you....hope you enjoy it.

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