Hello and welcome to your Healthy Voice.

I hope you are ready to join the journey of finding a life you get to live from the inside out. Oh and guess what - your worth lies within. That means that whatever the world has been telling you is "good enough" is wrong, because the world doesn't get to determine your self-worth. Your worth already lies within you. All you have to do is grasp it. That means stopping for a minute and dropping everything you've thought about "healthy" as the world has told you, and thinking about everything that God is telling you.

I love you. You are good enough and your power lies within you.

It seems crazy, I know. The world keeps telling us how to get healthy. It's all fine and good but healthy isn't just a physical fix. It's not just a workout or a diet (man I hate that second word.) It's about living your LIFE. It's about not giving all the power you have within you away to what the world tells you is "good enough."

What I mean is that you have an even greater power within you. Your journey to physical health is only one piece of the puzzle. Your mental health, your emotional health and your spiritual health are what you may have been missing all along - because the world and all it's advertising has had you focused on one thing - your weight.

I'm here to tell you that YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR WEIGHT.

I don't care what some other girl looks like, or how much weight she's lost. I don't care how hard you've been trying to lose it. I CARE about you on the inside, because I know personally that YOU on the inside is the power no one else can see, because you can't see it yourself.

You and I and the rest of the world? We each have our own personal Unhealthy Voice. It's been working hard for a long time now to keep us from loving ourselves. It's been wanting us to believe that we aren't  "good enough" and need to be "fixed" for a long time now. Some of us do need to be fixed, not so we can appear better on the surface, but so we can live better by healing on the inside and out. That means DROPPING all the power we give away to the Unhealthy Voice in our minds, and turning that power into our hearts.

That means going inside.

The first step of the Journey of the Healthy Voice is this:


That means, stop looking for the answers or your worth based on where your weight is at and start realizing that stupid scale or the way you think about your weight, doesn't get all the power anymore.

I want more than anything to realize you CAN get beyond the weight and go beneath the surface. Does that mean you have to keep the weight on? Certainly not. It just means you focus on the root of the problem, instead of the surface. You've been wondering why fixing the surface alone all these years hasn't worked? Well, here you go...

So, I want you to join me on this journey. I want you to start believe this


We're not doing "healthy" like the rest of the world tells us to. We're redefining healthy - from the inside out.

Won't you join me?