Such is Life: Thoughts Behind the Facebook News Feed on My 2 Year Wedding Anniversary

As I start to write this I've got my computer on my lap and the fan is going. Just got a Genius Bar appointment for this afternoon to deal with whatever is happening. Today is the very first day I feel somewhat functional after my appendix surgery last Wednesday at 6am. Yesterday was one of the worst days. I thought I was going to puke and do a couple other things all over my steering wheel in the middle of driving 5 boys to the mall.  

Last night my husband and I spent our anniversary evening doing the exciting errand of getting a new fish tank(his part of the anniversary gift that isn't quite cotton) for our fish can't take a 5 gallon one anymore. Oh, and getting soup at noodles and co cause I couldn't eat. How romantic.

We get home and my teenage stepdaughter and her boyfriend are making a steak dinner in the kitchen and I'm jealous cause I wanna have a romantic dinner on my anniversary! (As I lay in bed with a heating pad on my stomach complaining.) Really Meredith?!

My husband who is the bomb laid in bed with me as a whined. It wasn't like we weren't going to go out for a nice date to celebrate sometime this week or next. I just wanted it to be now. I was bummed we couldn't celebrate it now.  

How easy is it for us to want what we want now? Even when the fact is we can't get it sometimes? I am a total glass half-full thinker. But sometimes my husbands best asset is to call me out when I'm in glass half-empty/whiny or freak out mode. He gets me back to what's in front of us and out of my stink in' think in'. Cause sometimes when you are physically sick you gotta realize your mental health isn't going to be up to par. That's where I was last night and hilarious enough my husband kept going, "Honey - you just had surgery!" And I'm like "Yeah six days ago. I should be better! It's our anniversary :(" But I wasn't and that's okay. I still got to be with my guy which is really all that mattered - in sickness and in health. He was living the true example of the vows we said on that day - and I am grateful.

I just had to share the story so next time you get in a funk about something you were really looking forward to that doesn't happen how you want it - you can remember my 2nd anniversary and this blog.

You can also laugh because I may have posted these fabulous pictures of my husband and me on that day / but this blog is proof that what you see on the news feed isn't always what goes on behind the scenes in real life. This is what was going on with me and my hubs. I vow to write more about what goes on behind the pretty pictures you see on Facebook - not to worry I will NOT be airing ditty laundry. But I will write more about the stuff of everyday life we all need to hear and be real about.  

With that - I'll see you next time behind the news feed. Oh and if I feel okay tomorrow I'll deliver the video message I was supposed to deliver last Wednesday that got sidetracked chase I was sitting in a hospital bed recovering from surgery and not making any sense. It's too bad my husband didn't get a video of me - I was a stellar comedian as I drifted in an out of sentences. Good day y'all.