Finding your Healthy Voice is not just one journey. It's not just a metaphor for life. It's really not the voice you refer to inside that you allow to be your food, exercise, or "not good enough" police. It's actually the opposite.

This is a journey all about meeting yourself on the journey that is life. Yes that means you won't find your Healthy Voice and have life all figured out. You won't "finally find the key to your weight problem." But you may just find the root that makes you struggle with it and help you get beyond it, finally.

It's more importantly, NOT a journey about changing your physical makeup. In fact, if you get anything from this website, I hope you realize what we're doing is everything BUT physical. Physical plays an IMPORTANT part on your journey, but it does NOT equal your journey. If that's where you are at, then you might not be ready to find your Healthy Voice.

No, your Healthy Voice is about understanding there is more to life than your weight.

  • It's about getting beyond that weight to go beneath the surface. 
  • It's about forgiving yourself for all these years you've beat yourself up.
  • It's about realizing you are loved no matter what you've been telling yourself.
  • It's about harnessing that love to change your life and get beyond your "not good enough."
  • It's about understanding yourself physically yes, but also learning how to meet yourself in that space.
  • It's about addressing your mental and emotional health (not in a magazine article that gives you "5 points" about how to fix your emotional eating", or finally "control your mind.)
  • It's about getting on a healing journey for your inner self.
  • It's about knowing the things that get you down about your Unhealthy Voice.
  • It's about knowing the tools that help you be STRENGTHENED by your Healthy Voice.
  • It's about sharing your story and vulnerability.
  • It's about walking the journey honestly and in turn, being that Healthy Voice for someone else.
  • It's about you taking care of yourself, but it also - REALLY not about you (and that's the best part.)

So, if you are ready to get real, get honest and start dealing with life as a journey with ups and downs instead of pretending that "everything's fine" then you might want to join the journey.