First of all, thanks for coming to this page. I would love to meet you! 

There are a few ways we could do it:

1) Life Coaching. I offer one-on-one coaching sessions in person or over FaceTime/Video. If you feel like you are someone who is learning about your Healthy Voice and wants to take some personal steps toward finding your own, this would be a great opportunity for you. There is nothing I love more than walking with someone on the journey to help them find clarity and a trust in God that you just can't get from trying to figure it all out yourself. Oh, and it helps that more than likely I get you and I've been right where you are. That's what I believe makes my coaching special. The one theme I hear from all the girls I work with is, "You just get me." How awesome is that? If you are interested,  find out more at  or you can email me at  By the way, if you think you need it and cannot afford it, do not let that deter you. Scholarships are available.

2) Speaking to your Group. Healthy Voice is a message that needs to get out to the world. People need to know that God is with them and for them on this crazy journey called life. Whether you'd like me to come share my testimony, or teach you about Healthy Voice - I would LOVE to bring it to YOUR group. I have spoken to groups the size of 10 to crowds over 1,000. I love the intimacy of a small group and the impact of a larger one. But either way, I would love it! Here are a few group types that I typically do:

  • A Book club or Bible study for 20-40 somethings
  • A College Club/Sorority or Dorm
  • A High school group
  • A fitness group or faith/fitness focused non-profit
  • A non-profit that is working with people who have addictions or mental illness - i.e. treatment centers, community organizations
  • A small women's conference or ministry event
  • Women's ministry church retreat
  • A workshop

If you wonder what I'd speak about, these are a few of the topics:

  • How to Find your Healthy Voice for your Spiritual Journey
  • How to Find your Healthy Voice in College/On Campus
  • How to Find your Healthy Voice for your Healthy Life
  • How to Find your Healthy Voice for your New Life in Recovery

"Meredith was the perfect speaker for the event at our dorm! She was able to share her story and get engaged with all the residents that attended the event. The best part of the event was after Meredith shared her story, she opened the floor up to all the girls in the dorm allowing us to discuss what we had going on in our lives. As a leader in the dorm it was a great way to help all the girls bond together and find productive ways to find our healthy voice through the struggles of college life." - Stephanie, University of Notre Dame

3) Speaking on the Road. I travel various times throughout the year. If I'm in your city I would love to find a way to come to your book club, your small group or your campus to do an informal gathering about finding your Healthy Voice. 

If you want to learn more about the speaking events that I've done, or you'd like to book me,  find out more at