Healthy Voice Coaching

As a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, I work with people one on one going through challenging or transitioning times in their lives. Every one of us faces trials and tribulations. But not all of us know quite where to go next. If you feel stuck or you are looking for guidance through a change in your life, then you want to work with a coach. 

It's often times working with a coach, who may in some way understand where you've come from - that you can harness the courage within you to change. My job as a life coach isn't to change you, fix you, or diagnose you. My job is to help you get to where you want to be, so you can move forward with your life. 

Who I've worked with

  • College aged women that put so much focus on their weight and realize it's a problem.
  • College aged women who struggle with food behaviors and want to find a way out, often times through another form of treatment. 
  • Parents of college aged children who support their kids, want the best, but don't know how to help them.
  • Elementary age children and their parents who support their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, see them struggle with weight, but either the parent or the child - doesn't want to get stuck in the rut of a diet.
  • Children of divorce who struggle in between two worlds and can't find their own path.
  • Women of all ages, who want to stop making life about the weight and find their Healthy Voice for Life.

It really doesn't matter how old you are, what you've been through, what you struggle with, or where you need to be - I do not judge you from that space. We work together from your place of willingness to change wherever that may be.

What they're saying

I can’t even begin to explain the amazing life that Meredith showed me that I could have. All I had to do was be willing to listen to and empower my Healthy Voice. It hasn’t always been been easy but Meredith helped me grow my Healthy Voice and in the process quiet the unhealthy one that caused me pain and suffering for years. Still today she provides guidance and inspiration in the amazing work she does and if I ever feel like my HV is wavering all I have to do is reconnect through her book and the wonderful work she does on her website. It’s hard to express in words what she and the HV have done for me but it’s truly amazing.
— Tavierney, Boston, Ma
Finding my healthy voice allowed me to find my voice. I was someone who always wanted others to tell me how I looked or if I was good enough. Meredith inspired me to strive for a valuable relationship with myself where love and trust are welcome!”
— Anonymous
Meredith was instrumental in my recovery process. She entered my life in 2008, during one of the lowest points in my life. At that time, I wasn’t even confident that I wanted recovery, but she never rushed my process. Instead, she compassionately helped me find my Healthy Voice, while also accepting where I was at on my journey.

When I was ready to take a serious step towards recovery, she was prepared with numerous resources and nationwide contacts. She helped me select the treatment center that was right for me, and guided my family, as well as myself, through the process.

Over the years, I have been to numerous therapists, nutritionists, inpatient/outpatient treatment centers, and eating disorder groups— but the one constant has been Meredith. She has walked me through recovery, every step of the way, from my “bottom” to treatment, relapse, recovery, and the challenges of everyday life!

At every stage on my journey, she never stopped pointing out my Healthy Voice, even when I didn’t want to hear it. Today, thanks to Meredith, I am able to find my Healthy Voice on a daily basis AND listen to it! I have a life that I never thought was possible for me. I am no longer enslaved to my Unhealthy Voice, I have a happiness and serenity that I had never known before, my dreams are becoming a reality, and I have healthy relationships with my family and friends. I truly don’t know if I would be where I am today if Meredith had not entered my life that cold, rainy day in September of 2008. I am immensely grateful for my Healthy Voice, and for Meredith— for helping me find it.
— Anonymous

Corporate Messaging

The message of the Healthy Voice that Meredith brings to corporate cultures is poignant, thorough and impactful enough to give leaders a new perspective on healthy and their audience a new look at their personal health. In her work with the organization of Curves International, Meredith got amazing feedback from Curves owners from across the world that the Healthy Voice is "the missing link" and the process of finding their Healthy Voice showed them they can love themselves, their worth doesn't lie in their weight, and that when it comes down to it - a loving God is the source of their strength on the road to a healthy lifestyle.

Thousands of women across the nation and in small-town America have been impacted by the power of their Healthy Voice. Not only that, women across the world who go to a Curves gym every week, have had the same experience. It goes to show the ripple effect of one simple empowering message to light up the world.

Inspirational Speaking 

Meredith doesn't just go into an organization and give a surface speech on what it means to find your Healthy Voice. She doesn't want a single person to walk away without a better understanding of the power they have within them to find their Healthy Voice.

Meredith has a unique way of coming alongside leaders in businesses and organizations to create an experience for the audience that is transformative.

Some of these have included:

  • A Yoga for your Healthy Voice Workshop at a local yoga studio 
  • A Find your Healthy Voice Day for Faculty and Students at an all girls Catholic High School
  • Multiple "Find your Healthy Voice" conversation and events on College Campuses to share her story and experience with girls where they live and study; from healthy lifestyle clubs, dorm speeches to Eating Disorder Awareness week hosted events
  • Headline speaker for the Binge Eating Disorder Association Inaugural Conference
  • Behavioral Coach and Speaker for the American Heart Association Better U Program
  • Curves Regional and National Conventions (one of which is featured below)

If you are interested in having Meredith coach you, work with your organization or host a workshop, you can contact her to discuss and schedule at this address: