What I Do

I work with individuals and organizations that want to find a way to their Healthy Voice for life.

I work with individuals. Many of them are women in high school, college and in their twenties and the women who are adults who have a child inside that never dealt with that Unhealthy Voice. I meet these women at that place so the outward effects – like weight and clutter or behaviors like addictions, don’t have to have such massive effects for so many years and multiple generations. Some of them have eating disorders. Some of them have food addictions. It’s not about what they have. It’s just that they are having trouble navigating their way to a Healthy Voice in the midst of the Unhealthy Voice storm. I’m trying to guide them to make better choices and find a clear path when the Unhealthy Voice has got them in the moment, in the week or in their life.

I work with organizations and companies who are already meeting people at their deepest need with some sort of resource that speaks to the Healthy Voice. It can be a fitness non-profit, a wellness company, a church, a school, a treatment center or a weight-loss program. I help them speak the language of the Healthy Voice to their audience. I guide leaders to their own Healthy Voice so they can BE that healthy Voice for the people they serve in a deeper way.

Why I Do It – The Real Work

There are young adults – from elementary, to high school, college to 20-somethings who are struggling with tough living situations. They’ve either gone through trauma or they are forced to grow up too early. They face trauma at an early age, such as their parents getting divorced or the death of a parent. Some of them are not only dealing with the after effects of that trauma and it’s impact on their lives, but the emotional impact on their lives and the lives of their parents. It’s a lot to handle. It’s no wonder that many of these kids get lost. They end up with addictions, lose their purpose, have low self-esteem or feel a lifetime sense of abandonment. Divorce, trauma, or any kind of emotional pain from loss – no kid deserves to go through it alone. They need to have a Healthy Voice beside them, and within them.

I do this because of them, because I was that kid going through my parents divorce and I let my Unhealthy Voice rule my mind. The sad part is that their parents need the help too. Their parents are dealing with the aftermath of the trauma, sometimes in their own addictions and it’s showing up as clutter, weight, or addictions you can’t see. No matter what their age, these families deserve to accept themselves for who they are, so they can move forward with their lives.

Some of us have overcome our Unhealthy Voice in some way. We’ve gotten into recovery. We’ve found physical transformation. We’ve found a higher power. We’ve found a way to be carried. We need your story.

These people who need your story are why I’m doing this that I’m trying to reach. They are kids, adults who want to leave a better legacy.



Your Role: Help us Redefine Healthy For Life

I don't know about you, but I've had enough experience in life trying to find out exactly what it takes to be healthy to know there is no silver bullet fix. I've lived enough of this life to know that the world will never stop telling me that there IS a fix. I've worked with enough women of every age to know we are all sick of "the fix" and we would do anything to be accepted, to be ourselves, to be VULNERABLE. Most importantly, I've lived in my own house with and coached or led enough young women to know that we are ABSOLUTELY desperate for a different message than what we're sending to the next generation. Just by "signing up" for the fix with ourselves, we are sending the message to our girls that this is about looking good on the surface. If we don't reverse this message, it will keep happening. It will spread across populations, be carried down through generations, and continue to make us think that our worth lies in our weight. I don't know about you, but I would do anything to get the message to a young woman who might not know this fact - "You are loved. There is more to you than your weight. There is more to you than what the world tells you about you." That is why I'm committed to the simple MESSAGE of the Healthy Voice. I want to spread this: YOUR WORTH LIES WITHIN YOU. If these girls WANT to know or find they NEED to know it, then the Healthy Voice within them will be waiting to guide them towards the light. But if we aren't sending the message ourselves, then we're letting them do exactly what we did. Join me in changing the message that we send about healthy to our next generation. Let them know. #Youaremore #YOURWORTHLIESWITHIN.

Go share it on Twitter. Go text it to your friend. Better yet, go TELL it to your friend, your mom, whoever you feel called to tell it to. Let them know that their worth lies within. They may go, "What did you say?" That's okay. They'll start to figure it out..

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