People: The Second Key Element to Finding Healthy Within


Trusting God and People to be People

This is the second post in a 7-day Blog Series Called, "7 Key Elements to Finding Healthy Within." Yesterday's topic was gratitude. You can find it below this blog. Today's is PEOPLE.

People. People will be people.

We need them but sometimes we get so hurt we feel like we don't need them. That's why it's important to recognize this fact. We DO need them. We are People and we NEED people.

Whether they are your best friend, your soul mate, your sponsor in a 12-step program, your ministry leader, your sister, your brother, your parent or your stepparent or whomever - they've all got their flaws and strengths, just like you and me.

That's why - the best thing YOU can do, is trust people to be people. Trust GOD above ALL else and find the people in your life who can BE the good people for you so you can navigate the presence in your life of the people who are NOT good for you. (You can read that again if you like.)

This is why today's element is PEOPLE.

Makes sense right? Okay. Give me a minute.

People and relationships will be one of the biggest things in our life we cannot control, but they will also be one of the biggest teachers (even the worst ones) and the biggest sources of strength (even the ones you wouldn't expect) for our journey.

God puts people into our life at the right time for the right reason. I always use that phrase, when I'm thinking about a friendship lost, or a person moving away - People will be in your life for a season, a reason, or a lifetime. It helps me to let it go.

Before I got into recovery, I did two things with people. I didn't let you in or I blocked you out.  Even though I had an outgoing personality, I was absolutely terrified of letting anyone get to know the real me (many of us get that I know.) But when I got into treatment, the first thing that meed a deep and profound impact on me - were the people - the staff who guided me to healthier choices and the people in the group who walked beside me. None of us looked alike, had the same story, or the same "eating disorder." But every single one of us identified with one thing - the way we were thinking. It didn't matter the food, the behavior, the person in our life we struggled with - we all found a common denominator, and that's what brought us together for that part of the journey.

If I didn't meet those women on a similar journey, I never would have gotten out of myself. If I didn't have the people in my recovery who have shown me the way to one day at a time living, I never would have gotten through the insane things in my life that have come to pass. If I didn't have the people in so many ways that have come into my life as professionals to guide me out of my junk - I wouldn't be who I am today. If I didn't have my friends to call when I'm going through a struggle who've "been there, done that" -- step moms, moms of teenagers, wives, people who've lost a parent, people who've struggled with food, people who've had shoulder surgery - the list goes on and on. If those people didn't have the courage to keep walking and share their story with me - I wouldn't have the strength I have today.

It's those people who I can call at any moment, share a meeting with, or see at church or over lunch - that help me walk the road of life. 

Why are these people so important? Because there are people in life that will ALWAYS trigger us. Their traits will be the ones that remind of us who we once were, who we would never want to be and who we see in ourselves if we don't have the right people in our lives. Those are the people we have to trust to be people. We can't change them. The only thing we can change is how we react to them. We can also pray for them and remember that God's got them. It's not our responsibility.

I have a friend who always says, "They don't get the vote." Often times I find myself what I call "giving my power away" to someone who doesn't deserve it. I'm taking something personal that isn't about me. Or, I'm letting someone else's chaos infiltrate my being.

THAT is when I have to realize the power I'm giving them, take my power back and trust them to be people. It doesn't happen in an instant. Like everything else in life, it's a process.

THAT is why I have to continuously turn to God to remind me that HE IS STILL THE ONE that will always be there for me. HE is the one I can turn to even when people let me down. HE gives me the hope through every trial in relationship. HE can fill me up with hope. When all else fails - HE is the one, and THAT is what helps me TRUST GOD and trust people to be people. 


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