Why I'm Committed to Being REAL as Part of the Healthy Voice Work


A Little Image Reflection First:

I love this image above. It depicts to me how each of us is broken in places, rusty, in need of redemption and how each of us has these little windows where we look out and see the inspiration in life that we want and even more so, how nature can show us the glory of God and how HE can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. It shows me the delicate balance of what I'm trying to reveal with Healthy Voice - the REAL side and the HOPE side of life. The REAL side are those valleys. The HOPE side is those mountains. We can see it. We can reach it, if we just start where we are and take one step at a time.

Over the next week while I'm on vacation, I'll be posting a series around the concept "HV for Real." Why? Because, before I get you started on a journey to your Healthy Voice, by sharing with you the journey and the tools, it's important for you to see that I'm walking the walk with you. It's important for you to know a few of the different ways my life is very REAL because I don't want you to ever think for a second that "I've got this." 

In no part of my life have I "got this." In every part of my life I'm learning, growing, struggling and taking baby steps. As we say in 12 step, it's progress, not perfection. In my faith, I know that there is only one God and I'm not him. That's why being REAL with you is so important. It keeps me accountable to my imperfect self and the God I need to help me navigate this life in the world with a little help from a gift he gave me in my Healthy Voice. 


I'm reading a book right now by a Pastor at National Community Church in Washington, D.C.. His name is Mark Batterson. He wrote the best-selling book, "The Circle Maker" and his latest book which I'll be referring to in this post is called "All In." (Both can be found here on his website.)

I am enjoying "All In" because it's all about just being real and doing what you can with what you've got and letting God do what he can with it. It's about getting out of your own way for Him to do His work in you that you are called to do. He has this one great quote (of many):

Courage doesn’t wait until situational factors turn into one’s favor. It doesn’t wait until a plan is perfectly formed. It doesn’t wait until the tide of popular opinion is turned. Courage only waits for one thing: a green light from God. And when God gives the go, it’s full steam ahead, no questions asked.
— Mark Batterson, from his book "All In"

So with that being said, I'm gonna be real. I've got an office at home right now. Mind you, I'm ADD, a little messy to go along with that, and I'm a creative. I'm also an author with a lot of content. My office is like any ADD person would understand - organized messy. 

Anyway, I have all these ways I want to communicate this Healthy Voice message. Right now I write a blog. But I love doing videos. I love doing interviews. I love writing content. I love just connecting and communicating hope into people's lives. So of course, I'm overcomplicating it - like Mark says in his quote. So my husband comes home last night and I say, "Honey, I need you to take seriously the work I'm trying to do in the office." (FYI - he is supremely supportive of this call I feel is on my life.) I tell him about how I realized that I need to just get this station set up - with the awesome microphone I got for audio, the video I got for my desk monitor, my iPad set up for social media, and my laptop ready to go for writing and whatever else. I'm like, "I need literally a station for this to work."

The beauty I'm realizing is this: It's not going to take money and I've got EVERYTHING I need. 

What it also takes is not my husband taking it seriously - but ME taking it seriously.

One of the things I want to do is get a double door for the office with windows so I can have a little sound protection and privacy when I'm writing. Not a big deal - and MUCH cheaper than going out and leasing an office to do the same thing. ANYWAY - my point is - I'm the one that has needed to take it seriously.

I said take it seriously - not do it perfectly so I can get the perfect outcomes I want. No, I mean - take this message and just BE All IN...do the most I can with what I've got so God can do the work he can with what I've got that he put within me.

It's just that simple.

So I share all that, because I've thought I've needed so much more to do this. But, honestly? I've got everything I need, right here in my own home. How cool is that?

So - that being said, I'm being REAL with you about where I'm at today and this next week, since I'll be on vacation, I'm going to take the time to write a seven part series not on how I'm going to set all this desk up because that would be boring. But I'm going to share with you how committed I am to this "Healthy Voice for Real", by sharing my REAL. I'm a firm believer that God takes a mess, and makes it a message. It's really why I wrote my book. It's why I'm going to share this series with you...

The HV for REAL Series

1. Love and Marriage (cue Frank Sinatra) and Stepping into Stepmom-hood

2. First Year Marriage Weight Gain (Remember the Freshman 15)

3. Epic Fails (in my eyes) on the Entrepreneurial Pathway

4. How can I feel Financial Peace and Broke as a Joke All at the Same Time?

5. Thank God I know my Mental and Emotional Health is Not something to be Ignored

6. How This Child of Divorce is Thanking God for Every Healing Experience in Life Today

7. How Amazing it is that my Relationship with God seems to go Deeper and Deeper

I hope you'll come over to my blog next week. Maybe you'll hear a little bit of yourself in one or two of them, or maybe they'll just give you a little bit of extra courage to be you, be REAL and do the most the can with what you've got. They will start on Monday.