Letting Go of Shouldering the Burden

 We've all felt like we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders at one point or another. It's up to us whether or not we want to get rid of it.

Two days ago I let go of a tremendous burden in my life - financially, emotionally, even spiritually. I wanted it so badly to work out. I wanted to hold onto it because I had some idea down the road that I could do great things with it. But then, after years of going back and forth on selling, renting or keeping it, I let go of it. I let go of a condo I bought starting grad school when I was still in my princess days of getting whatever I wanted. It carried me through so much - grad school, the moment I met God in my heart before I got into recovery, the return home from treatment and new beginnings that followed. Then there was the biggest memory - getting the call about my Dad going to heaven. 

The memories (both good and tough) are everywhere. But in the end, they will be imprinted on my soul and I don't need to keep the condo to remember that. 

Funny thing is earlier this year many of you know I had shoudler surgery and this year has been quite the metaphor of letting go of what I thought were burdens. So it's fitting that both the burden on my shoulder physically and the burden on our shoulders financially and emotionally of this place - are all being relived in the same year. I'm trusting God for the next door and looking forward to writing more about letting go and letting God on this subject. 

I found these resources below today online and thought it matched my intention with the blog. Hope if helps you in some way. 



From our trip last summer in Monterey