A Message of Hope for the Millennials on Addressing Mental Illness

Here is today's message!

Here are the Songs I Mentioned

See You Again by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth

This website has the lyrics and the description of how it it was written after Paul Walker's car crash. Although this song doesn't necessarily deal with mental illness it does address feelings out of a loss that can be a struggle for those who have mental illness.

The Fray, How to Save a Life

This is the official video above and I think it pretty much says it all about our youngsters struggles. I also found this video interview of Isaac Slade sharing about when they wrote the song. This is a link to his inspiration for writing it and interestingly enough how it's translated to others who've been inspired by it.

I've added one last song because it was playing in my mind as I wrote this message. It's from a favorite old band of mind called "The Hooters" who I used to love. They wrote this song and funny I looked up the inspiration behind these lyrics? Linked to teen suicide. The article was written after one of the band members read an article in the paper about three teens committing suicide. That was 1986! Here's a link if you are interested. Oh and here is the video. Get ready for some serious 80s hair action...Oh and here's the lyrics.

Where do the Children Go, The Hooters

A Life Lost

And the last thing I want to share is the obituary of a young girl at my stepdaughter's high school who took her life this past week. There's been controversy about her death not being acknowledged like some other kids who were star athletes, known by many that got a lot of attention for their deaths. Theirs wasn't suicide but overdose. Another student died last year I think and there was a vigil for his passing. 

All of these deaths at such a young age are tragic. The overdose was actually two brothers. I wouldn't wish this on any family. But I will say, no one who dies at a young age by suicide or drug overdose should be ignored. Kids need to know about it because it feels like they lost one of their own and you never know who might make a different choice just by hearing about it. 

The girls name is Adriana Wolkiewicz. Here is her obit. She was just a few days shy of her 17th birthday.

Say a prayer for her family, as well as the other families who lost their loved ones I mentioned and ANY person or family going through mental illness. Don't keep it inside! Get the help!