"His Power in Our Weakness", Healthy Voice Audio Devotional for Lent #2

Here is your devotional for the second week of Lent. It's audio again so that you can just listen with your ears and feel it in your heart as you devote your time to the Lord. Remember - he IS strong where we are weak. Take a listen and get out your Bible to read along if you'd like. Also, I'm adding a song to this week for that person who is having trouble connecting in the silence to God's voice. It's been on my heart since last week and it just feels like someone needs to hear it. I hope it brings you a little extra peace.

The song is "Be Still" by The Fray. I chose this video because it was the appropriate for the Lenten season. I know this is a secular song that apparently has been used in both the show Vampire Diaries and Criminal Minds. If that is how you know it, or you HAVE heard it, I want you to drop your thoughts about it, and just listen to it. Listen to it as if God is singing it right to your heart.