Hello Spring. Goodbye Scale = Self-Worth

Hello my Healthy Voice friends. Today is a Faith, Food and Fitness Friday Blog!

Today also marks the first day of Spring. March Madness is in full effect and I want to talk to you about your scale strategy. Yes, that's right, I said scale strategy. 

In the spirit of the season that many of us get focused on how we're going to look in a bathing suit, I just wanted to take this time to share with you how important it is to have the right mindset before you get on that scale.

Our society has made the scale that you weigh your body on, a barometer for worth, social standing and sometimes success. Many of us can remember the times that we let a stupid number ruin our day, maybe our week. That's why many of us aren't looking forward to getting back on that scale - simply because it sucks to have to go through the roller coaster ride again. Up and down. Up and down. If you choose to get on that scale you take the risk of letting it determine your destiny. 

Think about the person who has been the hardest in your life to please. You spent ages wanting to make them happy and no matter how hard you tried, it wasn't good enough. Not only that, if you did well, there was still more ground to cover. You always felt with that person like YOU are never enough.

That - my friends - is the scale.

You have given it the power to determine how you feel about yourself when the only one whose got the power to do that - is you. So. Here's the deal.

Stop giving your power away to a number on a piece of plastic that gauges ONE thing - NOT your worth - but your Weight. Friends, it is THE WORLD that has told you for years that number on the scale signifies your worth. Take a second to realize how much of our own power we've given away to a scale.

Here's the other deal. I don't care what your relationship is to that scale. I don't care if you never get on it, you get on it every day, you get on it twice a year, you get on it backwards, you get on it at every meal, or 20 times a day. It's not about how much - it's like a drink for an alcoholic. Never is it about how much, it's about what you think it's doing for you. 

Let it be a simple number if you do get on it. Do your best to NOT let it determine your worth and if you aren't there yet, pray that God relieves you of the attachment to that scale or the perfect number you envision that it will one day display. I am certainly not saying don't have goals. Let the number be a piece of the bigger picture. Let your goal be what you learn when you DON'T make that number your self-worth.

If you are on a journey of weight-loss or maintenance or even gain because you've lost too much to maintain health - know that the joy is in the journey. The joy is in letting God take it off as he works in you. The joy is not in how fast you can get it off or how big the number is. That's why we're never happy when we here it, because it triggers our desire for MORE. It's never enough. I'm never enough. That's where it can take us. 

I don't know about you - but I'd rather do the opposite of what everyone else is doing and NOT get on that roller coaster ride.

How do I know this? Well, like you I have years worth of "getting on the scale" stories. But more recently I went to my doctor's office, and got a weigh-in for medical evaluation. That "number" has barely moved. How easily can I put that judgement on myself. So I focus on how I feel. I look to her to measure my waist. Maybe that will be better. Two inches. Awesome. 

It's the little things my friends. I didn't have to walk out of that room and let the day ruin me because of what the scale told me. I could realize two inches is great and still not make it the focus of my day. I can walk out of there and just keep walking, keep doing what I'm doing, make some adjustments that may need to be made but trust that it's all in the journey - cause the weight?

Is not the fix. All I know is that it's my relationship with God that carries me through the day and the journey of weight. I'd certainly rather have HIS Healthy Voice encouraging me in his still small voice than a loud, punishing Unhealthy Voice telling me I'm not good enough. I just know if he was sitting with you or I right now, he'd be going, "I love you. I'm for you. Don't let that scale determine your value. Let me take care of that, cause I love you with a love so great, that scale can't even come close."

Have a blessed day and weekend my friends. Until next time.