Monday Motivation: Your Healthy Voice as a Vehicle for that "Still Small Voice" Within You

So, a friend of mine posted an image the other day that said, "Be Aware of the Still Small Voice within you." The image with it is actually a fortune cookie, which for some reason made me think of - horoscopes! I was taken right back to the days when I couldn't go a day without them. It's amazing to me now how much power I'd give to a paragraph to dictate my day. Wow. I mean, I had no idea how much they were only adding to my anxiety. I thought they were showing me the way, but they really weren't!

Looking back now, I can see how much I was even then, seeking God's still small voice but glaring in the other direction. Instead of seeking Him, I was seeking a quick-fix answer to all my hopes and dreams. When I got into early recovery, I knew it was time to shake them. What made it easier was that NOW I'd find my hope in what was TRUE - not a false promise, because I knew what HE had done for me. (More than anything any horoscope could ever "predict" for me.) 

Here's my point - I don't know what that horoscope is for you, but I know that it can't fill the hole that only He can fill in relationship with you. 

I personally know that He alone is my Healthy Voice. He alone was there in my darkest moment and ever since, I've let Him guide me towards His light. HE is that "still small voice." He wants us to be aware of His presence and all I'm here to do is to remind you of, or introduce you to His presence. He's given me this gift as a simple vehicle to listen for His voice. The St. Francis prayer says, "Make me a channel of your peace," and that's all that I pray for - to be a channel for Him to do His work through me. Every gift he's given me and everything he's done for me is by His strength alone. I'm just showing up.

Here's how I like to describe it Healthy Voice. Maybe it will help you grasp it a little bit more....

The term Healthy Voice is a modern-day metaphor for the voice of God. 

As the world constantly bombards us with quick "surface" fixes to our unhealthiness, Healthy Voice works in the opposite direction. Rather than a quick-fix, we offer a journey that begins with realizing there is a God who loves us and wants the best for us. 

That realization (sometimes slow) begins the process of healing that starts where you are, goes beyond what you see, and gets beneath the surface. The more you give God your heart, the more it begins to heal. The more you trust Him, the less escapes you seek. The longer you walk with Him, the more you realize the journey was always simply spiritual, and based on finding a relationship with Him.

Finding your Healthy Voice in your Everyday Life is about seeing how God is constantly working FOR you, not against you. We at Healthy Voice more than anything serve as a compass to guide you towards His light. We will share a roadmap and God-inspired wisdom through messages, fellowship and events. But above all, it's a journey between you and Him. We're just here to help you navigate the process. - Meredith, Founder, Healthy Voice