"How To Not Feel Like a Failure" Your Weekly Healthy Voice Message

Happy almost end of the week everybody!

Guess what we're going to talk about today - failure. It's such an ugly word, isn't it? Yes I know. That's exactly why we're going to call it out and talk about it cause it's no fun to let it fester in us. I want to help you look at those places in your life where you're feeling like a failure (that you might not even notice). I'm doing this not because I want to make you feel bad about yourself but to help you see where the enemy does his hardest work on us - our fear and insecurities. 

 The more we're aware of his schemes - the more present we are to our own thought and actions - the more capable we are of hearing God's voice - and that's ultimately what we want.

Here's the video.....come back for the rest of the blog when you are done watching...

So... remember how on Monday I wrote about Lilly Pulitzer and Tuesday I wrote about food? I talked about how the "get" can be so consuming we don't even realize how much power we're giving to it - so much that we lose what really matters. I believe that at the root of this "get" is our feeling of failure. When we wonder why we have to have something so much - it's because somehow we believe it will fill us up. But it won't. There is only ONE who can fill us up. His name is Christ Jesus. So we can keep trying to fill our own cup, but it's never going to get there - which is exactly why all these "things" we run towards don't satisfy us. We can only get that by getting into relationship with Him, by getting in the Word. 

So the whole running towards things of this world or trying to make up for our feelings of insecurity only puts a band-aid on the parts of us HE wants to heal that we never give him a chance to when we're so busy "getting."

Maybe we need to stop being perfectionists, thinking we have to measure up to some standard and realize that no matter what is offered to us in the world - he is the only one who can make us whole. So, next time you reach, or even intend to reach ask God to give you some wisdom and grace to step away from it.

Ask him to reveal to you how that thing won't fill you. Sit down with Him in quiet. Read the verses I mention in my video and let Him heal your heart. Let him take you out of that constant cycle of "getting" and into receiving HIM.

I had to do it this week too. I turned to the Word instead of letting the failure feelings take me for a ride, and you know what? I found out that I've grown out of these times when I feel like a failure. Each time I get stronger. Each time I give that feeling or thought a little less power and I see how much God is truly working in my life. But it's a process and I've got to trust that He's guiding me through that process. Most of all - he CAME for that process. He came to heal my heart and yours, and sometimes we've just got to let him into our hearts so he can DO it! He knows our hearts are breaking and we have wounds. We just have to give him the space to do what he does BEST.

So I can tell you not to feel like a failure but the way you get that is by realizing that God doesn't create failures!!!!

Get with Him. Trust him. He can do more for you in the silence than anything else you can read about overcoming failure....