A Review of the New Fresh Thyme Market for Locals and How to Bring your Healthy Voice Perspective to Healthy Eating PLUS a GIVEAWAY!!

I am happy to report that the new Fresh Thyme in Mishawaka is going to be a great addition to our town. I was invited to last night's early opening to write a blog. What an honor! Normally I don't do this kind of thing, but if it's something I support (like buying healthy, whole foods) and it's something I'll use - I will certainly check it out. 

What a cool place. Mike and I had been to their store in Carmel, IN a little while ago and were impressed. I was psyched for it to soon open in South Bend and this store did not disappoint. I will definitely be going back. They had a great selection of foods that I found I can't usually find in other places - even Whole Foods. A lot of times grocery stores main healthy fear is vegan, vegetarian or gluten and I'm not really any of those. Less sugar, less flour, less process - the better.


The atmosphere was great, very lively. The people were friendly. One of the big bonuses for me was the high ceilings and wide grocery aisles. I can't stand a tight space when I'm shopping feeling like everyone is on top of each other.  The food itself looked fabulous. Although I only got a few grapefruit, the produce looked pretty good. Another bonus was the Boars' Head sandwich area. I have missed that stuff living in the Midwest. The yogurt selection was great. I can't wait to go back and try some of the fish as well as the salad bar. The bulk stuff is where I'd have to be very careful because it's those "endless" snacks that I could overdo it. But for those who love it - it looked yummy. The vitamins were also reasonably priced.

I asked the staff who their ideal customer would be - not the Whole Foods shopper, but the family/economical shopper. Love that. "Whole paycheck" is not something everyone can afford. I certainly don't go there very often myself. So this is a great, affordable alternative. The aesthetics of the place may just make it one of those "Healthy Voice Places" for me to go too more often just to lift my spirits while I shop for healthy foods!

I recommend going for a visit or making it a new stop for your grocery shopping needs! Oh, and I have to say they were so gracious to give me an awesome bag filled with goodies to get a taste of what they sell. Yumminess. And one for YOU!!

Get ready for this! They gave me this awesome goodie bin to give away on my blog to a reader. Hello!!! There is so much good stuff in here...veggie chips..coconut oil...bag of coffee...hazelnut spread...natural peanut butter...vitamins...a drink mixer...morning muffins...a beautiful rose....AND a $25 gift certificate!! 

***I want to give this away to someone who wouldn't normally be able to have the luxury of regularly shopping at a store like this and is interested in living a physically healthier lifestyle. I know normally people try to get followers out of this kind of giveaway but if I can share this abundant basket with you because it's more than a freebie, that would be awesome. I also know this can not be the coolest thing to proclaim on Facebook you want it because you wouldn't otherwise be able to afford it. So, the first one to private message me who wants to bring this home to your family to try it all out - will get it.***

One last thing, fueling our bodies with good whole foods is not only a big part of living a healthy lifestyle but it's a crucial piece of finding your Healthy Voice. The difference is that Healthy Voice works from the inside out, instead of the outside in. I'm not a nutritionist anymore than I'm a fitness instructor. I'm a Life Coach that helps people find their healthy on the inside, and eating well has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves. If you are making food choices, for me - it's not about getting it all right and counting to the point of obsession. It's about bringing your Healthy Voice, your spiritual perspective to the grocery store, or the plate. When we have a Healthy Voice we don't have to give so much power to the food "fixing" us because we know who we are inside. It seems crazy, but this piece of the spiritual approach is often left out when it comes to eating healthy. So I am happy to have been invited to this opening and write about shedding a little light on the Healthy Voice approach to eating well.