SOAR: 2nd Week of Lent Reflection from your Healthy Voice

I am a firm believer that God uses many things to stir our souls. I believe when he does this it's meant to bring us closer to Him, to really notice Him in our life and what He's doing. The important thing is that we recognize it because usually we're getting a big sign of just how much He loves us.

Sometimes we call them "God moments" or "God winks." Maybe a verse comes to us just when we need it. Maybe it's a person. Maybe it's an event or situation that just shakes our life and makes us realize just how strong He is for us. 

I know for me, there are a few special ways he constantly reaches me. Often times it's in the morning when I can just be still and know he's there. Many times it's in everyday life. But most often it's through these two things:

music and nature.

Both of these things blow me away. But when he uses both of them at the same time to display his glory and love, I am dumfounded. So when I saw this video where both of those things came together I was none other than blown away. I knew because the choking up I felt was deep in my gut. I knew He wanted me to hear it at that very moment. 

That's when I went, "Okay God I got it." (I love you too.) What's funny is when I heard this song I went on You Tube and looked for the video. I often watch videos when I'm on the Spin bike to inspire a workout. So I went through a few that were eh, okay. But then I found this one a few videos down the line and I knew it carried the message I needed to here - not just in the song or the lyrics but the whole thing. So I thought I share it with you today. Hopefully you can hear God speaking loudly to you wherever you are at.  Thank you @Meredith Andrews for this song and for whoever made this simple video. 

I hope you - SOAR.