A 2017 Update: 8 Things You Need to Keep Up with Your Healthy Voice This Year

  1. Brand/Author Streamlining. I have got to get things organized. For a while I've been wanting to separate Healthy Voice from Meredith Terpeluk. Why? Because we each have our own Healthy Voice and I want you to find yours on your own journey! So findyourhealthyvoice.com is going to be greatly simplified. More on that later. We’re finally moving my personal writing to a NEW Author Website: meredithterpeluk.com. This Healthy Voice website will be more focused on the whole brand of Healthy Voice geared toward Millennials and younger women, because Meredith has a unique passion to empower the next generation with a much-needed Healthy Voice. The content will be more geared specifically towards Healthy Voice, while more of my personal life experiences will be over on the Author website.
  2. Instagram changes. The Healthy Voice website will be linked to a Healthy Voice Instagram account with quick messages for your journey called the #healthyvoicedailydose. Make sure you follow that HERE. If you already follow my personal account and want to continue to do so, you will continue to get personal stuff and messages that go with my personal writing. If you don’t follow that yet, it’s Meredith Terpeluk Schoeller @meredithterpeluk.
  3. More on the new Author Facebook page. I have found on this journey that I have a lot of personal experiences that I want to write about to help those of you who go through tough times. But I’ve have a hard time fitting them into the Healthy Voice message, or steering from the weekly message. So it’s there that I’ll be writing to those of you who are already on the journey of your Healthy Voice, you know what it’s about, or you want to connect with me. I will post these messages on the Facebook Author Page, not sure what day every week, but you’ll be getting them. 
  4. The Facebook Live videos. These will not stop. They will just be streamlined. The ones I have been doing will be coming direct from my Author page, so make sure you go follow it if you want to get those every Wednesday @1pm EST. Videos will be posted on the Healthy Voice Facebook page if they pertain to the journey of Healthy Voice. Maybe they have a message geared towards the younger generation, or a message about finding your Healthy Voice in mind, body, spirit. So if they pertain to life in general, spiritual growth - they’ll be on the Meredith Terpeluk Author page. If they pertain to Real Life Talk about living a Healthy life, they’ll be on the Healthy Voice Facebook page (or the website).
  5. As far as Facebook, I have been posting some to my personal page, but I will be doing this less and less. Make sure to follow both Healthy Voice and Meredith Terpeluk if you want all the content!


  1. Calling all storytellers! This is for all of you who are writers (or not!) but you have a story to tell. We want to hear about your Healthy Voice. We want to invite you to write a guest blog or guest devotional for Healthy Voice. Maybe you even want to do a video and tell me about your Healthy Voice. I would love it! We want you to share the wisdom you've learned from your experience with others who need to find their Healthy Voice. Please let us know if you are interested at info@findyourhealthyvoice.com.
  2. Almost done!!! I am taking coaching clients and speaking engagements. I have been on a bit of a hiatus with the first few years of marriage and being a stepmom. But now I’m an empty nester, so I'm back and would love to walk with you on your personal journey, or speak to your group. Go to my website at meredithterpeluk.com to find that out.
  3. And finally, best news - for my friends who have found their Healthy Voice and have been wanting an e-book version of the book. It is finally going to be available to you this Spring - with a NEW Foreword!! Just finished writing it. So I hope this makes it easier for you to read it online or get it to your friends who haven’t read the book. Stay tuned for more and you will have it available to you soon!! (The next book is in PROCESS!)

Okay, that's about it! I just wanted to make you aware of all these changes in the midst of a changing season for me and Healthy Voice. I don't want you to miss any of the good content coming your way!

Thanks and have an AWESOME Day.