#TuesdayWisdom from your Healthy Voice on Self-Pity

A little #tuesdaywisdom from your Healthy Voic: 

When you are in the #race of life, you will find an excuse (one of many) that likes to hold you back. Today I'm challenging that Unhealthy Voice we've all got called: self-pity. 

It likes to sabotage us especially when we're at mile 18. We're coming through a season. We can't yet see the forest through the trees because we're still in it. We're feeling the feelings. We're hurting. We need to. But then there comes a point where we cross over into self-pity and that is when we start sabotaging ourselves. Pity parties don't help us, they hurt us. When we're on a pity pot, we're not looking ahead. We're looking down - at our feet and sulking. We're beating ourselves up walk up because we think we aren't good enough. But we have a choice to literally pick our heads up and have HOPE. We can glance back and realize how far we've come. We can look ahead and realize the journey isn't over yet. Above all, we can see that God has brought us THIS FAR, we're STILL STANDING, and there is STILL road ahead. He is STILL carrying us, and WILL.

The devil can try as hard has he wants to keep you staring at our feet, but if you have faith, it won't last long. No matter how not fun the season you are coming through has been, God HAS and WILL continue to bring you THROUGH. He's got a plan and even though you might feel doubt, fear, and sometimes self-pity - you GET the choice to recognize, feel the fear and keep walking. Remember God IS guiding you towards the light, if you trust Him.